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Wednesday May 27, 2020

Restless Activity

We live in a country and in a period of restless activity, of advertising and being advertised,
of nervous anxiety for results almost at any cost. How sad to see priests caught up and carried
 away by the flood, losing the merit of their lives, not to say their very souls, while saving others!

Like those of whom Our Lord speaks, they prophesy by the earnestness of their preaching; they
 cast ou devils by the power of the sacraments; they work wonders of material construction and
organization; but they are sustained in it all and borne along chiefly by natural impulse, by
 exuberant activity, by the spirit of pride, by the desire to be talked of by their people and by
 their fellow priests, by all manner of human motives worthless in the sight of God.

 Only at the judgment of God - "on that day"- will they know, will the world know,
in what depths of spiritual poverty they have lived and died.

Source: Daily Thoughts for Priests, Fr. John B. Hogan