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Thursday May 21, 2020


Our Savior ascended into Heaven in order to leave Priests upon earth as stewards and dispensers of the gifts which (as St. Thomas says) He sends from His eternal throne in Heaven, where He sits as God and Lord.

If visible miracles are less frequent in these days than they were in the first ages of Christianity, yet spiritual miracles are still of frequent occurrence; for says St. Gregory Holy Church now works in spiritual things what the Apostles did in corporal things. In truth, Her ministers cast our the devil from the souls of the Faithful; they speak with that tongue of the Apostles which is not spoken by others; they take up serpents, that is to say, those vices which creep about the world, and would induce penitents to fall again into sins; in Sacramental Confession they drink in with the ear the poison of sinful narratives, and this poison does not hurt them; they cure the sick, that is to say, those who are tormented with spiritual maladies, so says St. Bernard. And these miracles are greater than corporal miracles, inasmuch as they are concerned with men's souls, with grace, with eternity; which are more precious than the body, and nature, and time, says St. Gregory.

Therefore, let us rejoice in the Lord that we (priests) are destined to such great works!

Source: Meditations for the use of the Clergy, Fr. Angelo Scotti