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Monday October 07, 2019

You Have overcome the Wicked One.

In our pilgrimage through this world to eternity we are beset by many enemies, and in particular by the fallen angels, foes watchful, cunning, strong, cruel, proud of former victories - in Scripture phrase, raging lions lying in wait for the prey. Powerful and crafty as is the demon, he is overcome by all whom God's grace has raised to the nobility of Christian manhood. Whether the tempts with the love of gold, the desire of pleasure, or the longing for influence and power, they withstand successfully his assaults, and although they see multitudes yielding to him and becoming his slaves, they, because they are strong and the word of God abideth in them, overcome the wicked one, and remain steadfast in God's service and friendship. Like the seraph Abdiel in the camp of Satan's host, they are

"Faithfull found

Amond the faithless."

Source: Within the Soul: Helps in the Spiritual Life, a Book of Little Essays by Fr. Michael J. Watson. 1914