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Saturday October 05, 2019

Manhood is Spiritual Strength

The first Characteristic of Christian Manhood is Spiritual Strength.

"I write unto you because you are strong."

The true man is strong in character, in his principles and resolutions. He does not halt half-hearted and fickle between two opinions; nor is he a reed which bends with every wind that blows; but rather a fair and stately tree that has struck its roots deep into the earth by the running waters. He is so strong in faith and hope and integrity of heart that he generates confidence and courage in all who are brought into contact with him. earnest, patient, self-reliant, he resolutely breasts the storms of life, and becomes the carver, or master, of his own fate. Whatever noble object he undertakes to compass, he pursues with determination and perseverance, and, as he knows religion and virtue to be worthy of esteem, he consecrates to them the best that he has to give. To Christ and His cause he devotes his whole being - body, mind, and soul/ and, vivified as he is by Divine grace, he labors until attains "unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the age of the fullness of Christ." (Ephes. IV.13).

Source: Within the Soul: Helps in the Spiritual Life, a Book of Little Essays by Fr. Michael J. Watson. 1914