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Tuesday April 23, 2019

The Duties of the Priest

Did you ever think about becoming a Priest? If so, one of your first thoughts 
was: What are the duties of a Priest? You knew that unless you found joys in the 
duties of the Priesthood, you could not be happy. And you knew that you could 
not do your best work for Christ, unless you were happy while doing it. 

You will find great joy in prayer. The life of a good Priest is a life full of 
prayer. He says now and then during the day and night the prayers which all other 
good Catholics say. In addition to these, he prays the liturgical prayers of the 
Church. Each day he celebrates Mass and says the Divine Office. While saying 
the Office, he studies in prayer the Bible for fully an hour a day. Then while 
administering the Sacraments and conducting other services, he says many other 
prayers in the name of the Church. 

Assisting at Mass fills your heart with peace and happiness. Each morning 
the Priest celebrates the Holy Sacrifice. In preparation for this sublime act of 
worship, he spends some time in prayer; and after the Holy Sacrifice, he again 
spends considerable time thanking God. Thus in prayer and Sacrifice, he spends 
another hour each day. 

Receiving the Sacrament of Penance brings peace and joy to you. Each 
week the Priest usually spends hours in the confessional. One after another, 
repenting sinners come and get God’s forgiveness of their sins. Then they go away 
holy and happy, resolving never to sin again. 

Your heart is thrilled with the joy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus every time 
you receive Him in Holy Communion. The Priest brings Jesus from the altar, and 
under the form of bread, places Him on your tongue in Holy Communion; and you 
receive Him into your body and soul. For a few moments, the Risen Jesus lives in 
you as in a living temple; and then as God, He continues to remain with you. 

You delight to tell others about Jesus and to explain His Gospel to them. 
Every day the Priest is engaged in this work. He does it while speaking with 
others. He does it while instructing those who come to him and wish to become 
Catholics. He does it while preparing children and older people for receiving the 
Sacraments. And he does it while preaching or giving instructions at Mass and 
other services. 

So day after day until death, the Priest spends most of his time doing the 
work and attending to the worship of God in His Church. You, too, would be very 
happy doing God’s work. 

Jesus is “a High Priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek”; pray 
for the day when by receiving the Sacrament of Holy Orders you can be made and 
marked His faithful Priest forever. 

Source: Vocations, Fr. Richard Felix, O.S.B.