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Seminarians in the Diocese of Raleigh

Please adopt a seminarian and pray for him daily until his ordination.   Last updated October 25, 2016 9:56 AM.

Seminarian Members praying for this seminarian
Joshua Arteta (1st Year College) 2
Nikolai Brelinsky (2nd Year College) 3
Michael Coveyou (3rd Year Theology) 4
John De Guzman (3rd Year College 4
Steven DiMassimo (2nd Pre-Theology) 3
Juan Carlos Garcia (2nd Year Theology) 5
Omeed Huemiller (1st Year College) 2
Anthony Ibuaka (3rd Year College) 4
Chris Koehn (3rd Year Theology) 4
James Magee, III (4th Year Theology) 6
Jairo Maldonado (1st Year Theology) 5
Marlon Mendieta-Rodas (3rd Year Theology) 4
David Miller (2nd Year Theology) 5
Kyle Mummert, (1st Pre-Theology) 2
Juan Carlos Pirir (3rd Year College) 3
Noe Ramirez de Paz (2nd Year Theology) 8
Benjamin Ramirez Sierra (4th Year College) 4
Rogelio Hernandez Raya (1st Year College) 2
Erik Reyes (1st Year Theology) 2
Jose Reyes, (2nd Year College) 2
Tyler Sparrow (4th Year College) 14
Edisson de Jesus Urrego (4th Year Theology) 7
Oscar Urrutia (3rd Year College) 4

Prayer for seminarian Philip Johnson

"Father Thomas Frederick Price, intercede for our brother, Philip Gerard Johnson. Heavenly Father, who desires that the faithful be drawn to the heroic virtues of Your priest, Fr. Thomas Frederick Price, grant Your healing gifts to Your son, Philip Gerard Johnson. We ask this in the Holy Name of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen." (Imprimatur: Bishop Michael Burbidge - December 4, 2008)

Daily Prayer for a Seminarian
Until his Ordination to the Priesthood

(Used by the Curé D'Ars Prayer Group Members)

O Jesus, Eternal High Priest,
I offer You through Your Immaculate Mother Mary,
Your own Precious Blood, in all the Masses throughout the world, as petition for graces for all seminarians, Your future priests, especially for......

Give them humility, meekness, prudence, and a burning zeal for souls. Fill their hearts with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Teach them to know and love the church, that they may always and everywhere speak, act, and think with her, the glorious spouse of Christ.

Teach them generosity and detachment from wordly goods; but above all, teach them to know You and to love the One and Only Eternal Priest. Good Shepherd of Souls, hear this my prayer for saintly priests.

Saint Lawrence

Daily Prayer for a Seminarian
Until his Ordination to the Priesthood

God our Father,
You have chosen Your Son, Jesus Christ,
to reveal Yourself to us.

You have chosen Your Church to show us Your love through Him.
You have chosen ___________, your son,
to be a priest as a sign of that love to Your people.

We pray that the Holy Spirit continue to fill him with Your peace and joy as he prepares for the holy priesthood.

We pray that through his priesthood he may proclaim the wonder of Your faithfulness and love to all through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Prayer for Seminarians
(Used as the Diocesean Prayer for Vocation)

O Lord Jesus Christ, great High Priest, I pray that You call many worthy souls to Your holy priesthood.

Enlighten the Bishop in the choice of candidates, the Spiritual Director in molding them, and the professors in instructing them.

Lead the seminarians daily in Your unerring footsteps; so that they may become priests who are models of purity, possessors of wisdom and heroes of sacrifice;
steeped in humility and aflame with love for God and man; apostles of Your glory and sanctifiers of souls.

Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us.

Saint Charles Borromeo, pray for our seminarians.

Saint Charles Borromeo