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Monday May 18, 2020

Rogation Days, Prayer without Ceasing

May 18, 19, and 20 are three days of prayers and fasting that were traditionally known as Rogation Days.

Below you will find historical information I gathered from different sources:
"Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Ascension Thursday were instituted by the Church to appease divine justice, to ask protection in calamities, and invoke Godʼs blessing on the harvest .

These Rogation Days are of French origin, coming about in the 5th c., when St. Mamertus, Bishop of Vienne, Dauphiné instituted them after a series of natural calamities.
Rogation is simply an English form of the Latin rogatio, which comes from the verb rogare, which means "to ask". The Rogation Days were marked by the recitation of the litany of the Saints which would normally begin in or at a church.

After Saint Mary was invoked, the congregation would proceed to walk the boundaries of the parish, while reciting the rest of the litany (and repeating it as necessary or supplementing it with some of the penitential or gradual Psalms). Thus, the entire parish would be blessed, and the boundaries of the parish would be marked. The procession would end with a Rogation Mass, in which all in the parish were expected to take part.

If your parish does not celebrate the Rogation Days, you mark the days by reciting the Litany of the saints and fasting.

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