On the Catholic Priesthood

Friday July 12, 2019

A Call to Arms

Awake! O Church of Christ, Awake!
Thy loveless tasks of life forsake:
His cross upon thy shoulders take!

Thou living Body of the Lord,
Gird on the Gospel's gleaming sword:
A heaven-sprung power in thee is stored.

Thy stately Nave, thy Reredos,
Was it for these He suffered loss?
For ins He died upon the Cross.

Thy marble Altar, gem-inlaid,
The Sumptuous robe with incense sprayed;
For such as these was He betrayed?

Thou doest well to glorify
With beauty pleasing to the eye,
But not for them came He to die.

O Church! Is it through fault of thine
That millions lack the Gift divine
Which strengthens thee in Bread and Wine?

In some degree hast thou denied
The tidings of the Crucified,
By shameful sloth or selfish pride?

Till thou has drunk His Cup of Pain,
And brought dead souls to life again
Thy gold is dross, thy rites profane.

Arise, O Church! And in thy might
Go forth to Chris ho is thy Light:
Faith and His touch shall give thee sight!

Source: St. Andrew's Cross, 1922